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We Got Nets Episode 7 – Nets Playoff Odds, Kyrie’s Injuries and Crunch-time Minutes All Live from the WGN Cabin 8/3/19

Episode 7 of We Got Nets, the definitive Brooklyn Nets Podcast is live and it might be the best one yet. In this one, the boys are live from the We Got Nets summer cabin with full video:

You can also listen to Episode 7 here:

Listen to “We Got Nets Episode 7 – Live from the Cabin, Playoff Odds, Podcast Philosophy and Crunch-Time Guys 7/30/19” on Spreaker. The guys break open the show talking about some family time up at the Delaware River Cabin over a couple of drinks. But that doesn’t last long as they get into the Nets wins totals and playoff odds for this season. There’s debate over these numbers as well as some talk about Kyrie Irving’s injury concerns heading into this season. His recent history would suggest concern about him playing 70+ games this season and the guys talk about what this could mean for the win total.

They also talk about Doug’s recent Twitter exchange about a the WGN philosophy and whether they should be a fan podcast or stick to critiquing things when it is warranted. .

And finally, there’s talk about how the Nets will close games this season and what some of their crunch time units could look like.

All of this and more on a full seventh Episode of the We Got Nets, Brooklyn Nets podcast.

You can also follow along all season to new episodes wherever you listen to podcasts.

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