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We Got Nets Episode 39 – Kyrie’s Injury News, Caris Returns and Trade Joe Harris? 1/6/20

It’s a packed Brooklyn Nets Podcast with the guys starting things off talking about the Kyrie Irving injury news update.

You can listen to Episode 39 here:

The We Got Nets guys are back Monday morning with a packed Brooklyn Nets podcast. They start things off discussing Kyrie Irving’s press conference before the Toronto game on Saturday in which he went into much more detail about his injury situation. There wasn’t much good news with Irving saying he’s still dealing with considerable pain in his shoulder because of an impingement and bursitis. It will basically either be pain management for him or possible surgery which would keep him out for months. The guys discuss the situation and how the Nets are likely to handle this going forward.

They also discuss Caris LeVert returning to action on Saturday, but the weirdness around him sitting out the Monday game against the Magic because of injury management.

And finally, there’s discussion about what the Nets could do at the trade deadline especially around a guy like Joe Harris. It’s a packed podcast.

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