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We Got Nets – A Brooklyn Nets Podcast Episode 3: Kyrie Irving or D’Angelo Russell 6/20/19

Listen to Epidsode 3 below:

Listen to “We Got Nets Episode 3 – Kyrie Irving or D’Angelo Russell? 6/20/19” on Spreaker.

It’s the third episode for the We Got Nets crew, a Brooklyn Nets Podcast as they continue wading through the free agency rumor mill leading into the NBA Draft. The big topic of conversation in this episode is the debate between whether the Nets should be targeting Kyrie Irving and/or D’Angelo Russell in upcoming free agency. It very much seems like the diehard fanbase is interested in keeping the latter after his breakout season in 2018-2019. Adam and Doug debate the merits of both and try to come to something like a consensus between the two.

They also talk about some of the available big men/ center types who could be helpful to the Nets both from the aspect of continuing to build while also stabilizing the frontcourt. They talk about Al Horford opting out of his player option in Boston, what a guy like DeMarcus Cousins could mean if the market on him dries up or whether Nikola Vucevic is an actual consideration.

And of course, Doug has to relay his struggle with getting stung by a bee before recording the podcast. It’s another We Got Nets podcast! You can also follow along all season to new episodes wherever you listen to podcasts.

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